The Rabbi Mohaliver Museum

Mohilever Museum which was founded by dedicated Zionist Heritage Academy nineteenth of Sivan 5769 (11/06/2009). The museum is housed in the colony's early days, at the corner of Rothschild - Mohilever (opposite the Great Synagogue), and it can predict reviewer performance audio visual landmarks in the history of love of Zion and illuminates the powerful image of Mohilever verbs.

The museum is one stop in the tour of historic sites at Mazkeret Batya, conducted by the Zionist Heritage Academy.

The tour is usually accompanied by street performances and includes the following sites: Mohilever museum, synagogue charity Rothschild, Hkzrmot, Promenade Colony, armored site, cemetery and tent Mohilever.

During the tour you can have theoretical activities and Zionist educational teachings of Mohilever concerning the present and discuss actual ethical dilemmas faced by the colony's founders.

Rebbai Mohaliver Museum | Mohaliver 1 St. POB 5062 Mazkeret-Batya 7804, Israel | Phone +972-8-9340034 |